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This site is intended as a springboard to Internet resources on fossils, dinosaurs, paleontology, natural history, and related topics. I hope it proves useful to students, teachers, fossil collectors, paleontologists, and anyone else with rocks in their heads. I myself am a long-time fossil enthusiast with a special interest in dinosaur tracks (I have a web site devoted to my work on Texas tracks and the related Paluxy "man track" controversy). Please send any comments, corrections, or expressions of concern, praise, or outrage to me at: Glen J. Kuban E-mail: gkpaleo@yahoo.com

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General paleontology - Sites covering paleontology in general or with a broad spectrum of content.

Invertebrates - These sites cover one or more groups of prehistoric invertebrates (animals without backbones). Included are microfossils as well as major invertebrate groups such as brachiopods, corals, bryozoans, crinoids, molluscs, insects, and the ever-popular trilobites.

Vertebrates - Sites on various groups of ancient vertebrates, including fish, amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles (except dinosaurs, since they are so popular I've created a separate site for them, listed below).

Glen's Dinosaur Den - Dinosaurs galore. Over 200 links, arranged by topic.

Paleobotany - Sites on fossil plants.

Ichnology - The study of fossil tracks and other trace fossils (burrows, coprolites, eggs, nests, etc.)

Kuban's Guide to Natural History Museums on the Web - Possibly the largest annotated directory of natural history museums on the net, with over 100 links.

Educational sites (for Teachers and Students) - Although all paleontology sites are educational, those listed here are specially aimed at teachers or students, or especially useful for educators.

Paleo Humor: Laughs and Gaffes - Light or humerous stories, jokes, riddles, poems, etc. relating to paleontology or science in general.

Field Trip Planning : Safety, Methods, Equipment, Lodging - Useful links for anyone planning a fossil collecting trip. Includes information on safety, equipment checklists, maps, weather, and directories for motels, hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, and campgrounds.

Paleontology Societies and Clubs - Links to professional and amateur societies relating to paleontology and earth science.

Mailing lists - Instructions for subscribing and unsuibscribing to mailing lists such as Rocks-and-Fossils and Fossil-Nuts, allowing you to meet and share information with fossil enthusiasts around the world.

NewsGroups - Descriptions and links to several paleontology related newsgroups.

University Paleontology Departments - Exhibits and paleontology programs at colleges and universities.

Individuals Fossil Enthusiasts - Web sites by individual fossil enthusiasts. Many focus on local collecting sites or images of locally collected fossils.

Paleontology Publications - Conventional and on-line paleontological publications.

Collection databases - Specimen and collection databases at universities, museums, and other institutions.

Commercial Sites: Material Suppliers - Dealers in fossils, casts, books, paleo equipment and supplies.

Commercial Sites: Fee-for-collecting sites, tours, digs - Companies with tours, digs, or fee-for-collecting.

Location-based Web Sites - Web sites on specific fossil localities, excluding fee-sites and tours.

Legislation and Ethics - Resources relating to collecting rights and ethics, relationships between professionals and amateurs, etc.

Geology Resources - Over 150 Geology sites, including U.S Geologic Survey offices for each state, Geology Societies, and many topical geology sites.

Geologic Time - Sites on radiometric dating, geologic periods, or other topics relating to geologic time.

Evolution and Systematics - Sites on evolutionary theory, classification, taxonomy, genetics, and related subjects. Does not include creationism and the Creation/evolution controversy, covered below.

Creation/evolution Links - Sites covering all aspects of origins and the so-called "creation/evolution" debate, from a wide spectrum of viewpoints.

The Paluxy "Man Track" Controversy by Glen Kuban - Addresses claims that human and dinosaur tracks occur together in the Paluxy Riverbed near Glen Rose, Texas.

Special Topics and Miscellaneous Paleontological Sites - Any paleo-realted resources not covered in the above categoties, including some fringe topics (claims of living dinosaurs, etc).

Rockhound sites - Includes mineral, gem, and lapidary related sites.