Evolution and Systematics

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This site provides links to Internet resources on evolution, systematics, and related subjects. Most discuss evolutionary concepts and evidence from a mainstream scientific perspective. For sites specifically addressing the Creation/evolution controversy, see Kuban's C/E Links
Glen J. Kuban

Aquatic Ape Theory Page, The - Some scientists have advanced the controversial idea humans may have gone through an evolutionary stage when we were aquatic or semi-aquatic. Others think the idea is all wet.

Artificial Life Demos

Artificial Life Online

Artificial Life Resources

Cambrian Explosion - A virtual exhibit at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Florida examining the explosive radiation of life in the early part of the Cambrian period.

Center for the Evolution and Origin of Life

Darwin-L Listserver Page

Dealing with Anti-Evolutionism - By Eugenie Scott of National Center for Science Education.

Dinosaurs and Evolution

Ecology and Evolution at SUNY Stony Brook

Evolution Mailing List, The

Evolution - Part of the University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley. Includes bibliographies of early evolutionary scientists.

  • Evolutionary Relationships of Archosaurs (dinosaurs and kin)

    Evolution Resources - A nice list of evolution resources from the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Toronto.

    Evolution: Theory and History

    Genome Database Pointers

    Harvard Evolution & Biosciences Page, The

    Human Evolution - Resources for learning about human evolution. Includes a chat room and message board for questions.

    National Center for Science Education - NCSE is a non-profic organization devoted to promoting science education and addressing the Creation/evolution controversy. NCSE publishes a quarterly journal that often debunks strict creationist claims.

    Human Evolution Education Network - HEEN is a project if NCSE designed to help teachers and scientists work together in teaching evolution and human origins. HEEN published the Missing Link newsletter.

    Andrew MacRae's talk.origins Page

    Laurence Moran's Evolution Home Page

    Lucy Test, The

    On the Origin of Species - An on-line version of the classic 1859 book by Charles Darwin.

    Origin of Life: The Astronomical, Chemical and Biological Aspects

  • Origins: A Site About Life and Earth Evolution.
  • Origins of Humankind

    Phylogeny - Part of the University of California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley.

    Pope's announcement on evolution, The

    Punctuated Equilibrium at Twenty - An essay about evolution by Dr. Donald Prothero.

    Russell Stewart's Answers About Evolution Page

    sci.anthropology.paleo Home Page, The

    sci.bio.evolution Home Page, The

    The Talk.Origins Newsgroup Archives/Faqs - The most extensive collection of origins-related material on the Internet. Although intended as an informational library on the Creation/evolution controversy, included are numerous good articles on paleontology in general, as well as dating methods, fossilization, speciation, etc., plus links to many related web sites.

    Tierra, the Evolution Simulator (FTP)

    Tree of Life or Alternate site - Explores the phylogenetic relationships between ancient organisms. An evolving site at the University of Arizona in Tucson, with extensive list of references.

    Virtual Galapagos

    World of Richard Dawkins, The