Paleobotany Links (Fossil Plants)

Glen J. Kuban

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International Organization of Paleobotany - Fossil Plant society headquartered in England. Includes a searchable database of thousands of ancient and modern plants. Also includes palaeogeographic maps and links to other paleobotany sites.

Paleobotany Section of the Botany Society of America - The official page of paleobotanists. Includes news, meeting info, etc.

Quaternary Data - Links to sites on Quaternary paleobotany

PFR: Plant Taxonomy and Classification - Covers vascular plant classification. Fern and gymnosperm classifications are bsaed on C.J. Cleal, 1993, "The Fossil Record 2", Chapman & Hall, London. Angiosperm (flowering plant) classifications are based on R.K. Brummitt, 1992, "Vascular Plant Families and Genera," Royal Botanic Gardens.

Palaeobotanical Research Unit Maintained by Hans Kerp.

Paloepage By Kurt Armbruster at University of Alberta. Has links to other paleobotany and palynology sites.

Botany Related URLs - An extensive collection of botanical links maintained by Raino Lampinen, a botanist in the Botanical Museum, Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki. It contains many links including images.

Pleistocene Algae - By graduate student David Hills at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. This site provides information on crustose coralline algae from Pleistocene lagoons in the Caribbean. Included are miucroscopic images.

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