Glen at Main Site, DVSP
Glen Kuban on the Ozark Site, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Paluxy Riverbed,
Glen Rose, Texas, showing striding trails of sauropod tracks (left), made
made by a large, four-legged plant-eating dinosaur, probably Sauroposeidon
. Moving in a similar direction (right) the sharp-clawed, three-toed
tracks of the predatory theropod dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus tokensis

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- Museum quality fossil casts (replicas) and dinosaur track casts for education and display. Great prices!

Paluxy Dinosaur/"Man Track" Controversy
- A large menu of articles by me and others on the dinosaur tracks and alleged human footprints in the Paluxy Riverbed near Glen Rose, Texas. Also addresses other alleged "out of place" fossils, tracks, and artifacts, and related controversies. Visit here and you'll be on the right track.

Paluxy Tracks Photo Gallery Thousands of photos and maps of Texas dinosaur tracks

NEW: 2022 Paluxy work featuring the remarkably long "Lone Ranger" Trail

"The Real T.rex" - BBC Documentary     Trailer     Full episode
- Shows me walking along the longest known dinosaur trackway in North America, explaining how dinosaur tracks help us understand dinosaur behavior.

NASA Goddard Track Slab
- Ray Stanford's remarable discovery in Maryland, featuring the most dense and diverse collection of tracks and other fossils ever found on one relatively small rock slab.

Brunswick Lake Trackways
- Dinosaur trails in a long concrete walkway, made from molds of real dinosaur tracks from several sites and periods. They are arranged from oldest to youngest, so that you are essentially walking through time as you follow the trails.

North Coast Fossil Club
- An active group of fossil enthuisiasts of all ages and backgrounds. We hold monthly meetings with speakers and programs on fossil related topics, monthly field trips from April-Oct, an anual display contest/pot-luck dinner/raffle, and a July picnic and auction.

K-Paleo: Kuban's Paleo Place
- A menu of paleontology related links, including sites on fossils, dinosaurs, museums, and more. Dig in!

Artwork Gallery
- Some samples of my illustrations and artwork, including dinosaur track and trackmaker illustrations
Dinosaur drawings submitted for new Trails Map brochure for Dinosaur Valley State Park:

Iam starting a painting party business. The links beloiw are from several trail sessions at the Rennaissance retirement campus in Olmsted Falls, Ohio.
NEW: "Ren" Painting Party, Feb. 2023
"Ren" Painting Party, June 2022
"Ren" Painting Party, Nov. 2019
"Ren" Painting Party, July, 2018

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