Glen's Artwork Samples

All images © Glen J. Kuban. Click on any image for larger view.

I am available for custom murals, human and pet portraits, logos, signs, and illustrations for books,
manuals, articles, posters, websites, newsletters, magazines, etc.
Please contact me at for more information or a quote on your project.

Leopard Golden Eagle Rabbit in Winter Tiger at Zoo Deer Head Pelican Shore Giraffe
Leopard (pencil) Golden Eagle (acrylic) Rabbit (acrylic) Tiger Relaxing (acrylic) Deer (watercolor) Pelican Shore (acrylic wall mural) Giraffe (watercolor)

Country Road Fall Scene PaleoScene Logo NCFC Logo Fall Scene Ammonites Blastoid Brachiopod fossils
Country Road (watercolor) Fall Scene
(Sandusky paint party)
PaleoScene Logo NCFC Logo Enrolled Phacops trilobite
(Prehistoric crablike creature)
Ammonite fossils (ink) Blastoid (ink) Brachiopods (ink)

Bothrolepis placoderm Asian Trilobite Dunkelosteus skull <I>Acrocanthosaurus</I> Eurypterid fossil PaleoPlinko Outdoor dino trails
Placoderm fossil (pencil, fill) Asian Trilobite (pencil) Dunkleosteus
Fossil fish (pencil)
Cretaceous trackmaker
Eurypterid fossil (pencil) Paleo-Plinko Game Brunswick Dino Trails
(Sign design and
trackway installation)

T. rex cartoon hair T. rex cartoon hair Dr. Ann judysfolks Legs Woman brushing hair Polymer clay trilobites
T.rex (Ink with
digital fill)
Colored ppencil fill)
Dr. Ann caricature
Judy's Folks
(pencil & watercolor)
Hair brushing
Fossil trilobite
models (polymer clay)