Recommended Further Reading on Paluxy Controversy

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Disclaimer: Although I recommend the following sources as informative and interesting sources for further reading, I do not necessarily endorse every statement in the sources written by other workers, especially ones unrelated to the evidence. Thank you. Glen J. Kuban

For further information on the history of the Paluxy controversy:

Hastings, R.J., 1988, The rise and fall of the Paluxy Mantracks: Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, v. 40, no. 3, p. 144-155.

Strahler, Arthur N. 1987. Chapter 48 Out-Of-Order Fossils. Science and Earth History-The Evolution/Creation Controversy. Prometheus Books, Buffalo, New York. pp. 459-472.

For further details on the Taylor Site tracks see:

Kuban, G.J., 1989, Elongate dinosaur tracks, in Gillette, D.D., and Lockley, M.G., eds., Dinosaur Tracks and Traces: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 57-72.

Kuban, G.J., 1989, Color distinctions and other curious features of dinosaur tracks near Glen Rose, Texas, in Gillette, D.D., and Lockley, M.G., eds., Dinosaur Tracks and Traces: Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, p. 428-440.

For reviews on the partial backpeddling by John Morris (a former "man track" advocate), and clarifications on the infilling/ color-distinction phenomenon at the Taylor Site, see:

Kuban, G., 1986, Review of ICR Impact article 151: Origins Research, v. 9, no. 1, p. 10-15.

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1987c. New Observations on Paluxy Tracks Confirm Their Dinosaurian Origin. Journal of Geological Education. 35(1):4-15.

For analysis of Paluxy controversy by mainstream scientists

Cole, John R. and Laurie R. Godfrey (eds.). 1985. The Paluxy River Footprint Mystery -- Solved. Creation/Evolution. 5(1).

Cole, John R.. 1986a. Did Humans and Dinosaurs Live Together in Texas? - No!. Origins Research. ??(??):6-7.

For chronlogical accounts of creationist activity in the Paluxy (1980's)

Hastings, Ronnie J. 1985. Tracking Those Incredible Creationists. Creation/Evolution. 5(1):5-15.

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Hastings, Ronnie J. 1987b. Creationists' Tooth Claim Evolve Into a New "Fish Story. Creation/Evolution Newsletter. 7(5):18-21.


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