Compelling Evidence Against Young-Earth Creationism and "Flood Geology"

by Glen Kuban
Updated 6 February, 2019

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Scientific evidence against "Flood Geology" is extensive and multifacited; however, several especially strong and readily understood arguments are presented below.

ICR's RATE project claimed a success, but actually supports an old Earth

Fossil Tracks and Other Trace Fossils Refute Flood Geology

Meteorite Craters Refute Young Earthism and Flood Geology

Human-host Diseases Refute a Recent Global Flood

Genetic Diversity Refutes a Recent Global Flood

Tree Rings, Varves, and C14 Dating Refute Young-Earth Creationism

Marsupial Distribution Refutes YECism Marsupial Distribution Refutes YECism

Evidence for an Old Earth     Includes links on radiometric dating and the age of the earth.

RationalWiki site refuting YEC claims about fossil sorting

The Geologic Column and its Implications for the Flood Talk.Origins article by geologist and former YEC Glen Morton
Thorougly refutes common YEC claims that the geologic column is ficticious.

For other Biblical and Scientific arguments against YECism, see Glenn Morton's Web pages (archive)
Glenn argues that the Biblical Flood was regional rather than global, and that extensive geologic evidence refutes YECism.

Were the Creation "Days" Literal 24 Hour Days? (Several articles on this subject)

Links on recent claims about dinosaur blood

Rebuttals of other young-earth arguments
Includes links and articles on the alleged shrinking sun, speed of light decay, missing neutrinos, oil pressure, polystrate fossils, human population growth, moon dust, decay of the earth's magnetic fiend, sedimentation rates, Walter Brown's hydroplate model, and more.

Selected origins-related websites by others

(The first several sites below have Christian orientations and generally old-earth viewpoints; the last several are from largely secular, mainstream scientific sources)

American Scientific Affiliation
Organization of scientists who are also Christians interested in exploring issues of science and faith. The "Topic Collections" links on their home page provide a wealth of information on the origins debate.

Kevin Nelstead's "The GeoChristian" website
Kevin says that the main objective of his site is to increase science literacy among evangelical Christians, especially in the areas of the Earth and environmental sciences.

Richard Deem's God and Science web site showing that young-earth creationism is Biblically and scientifically unsound.

Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies by Stephen C. Meyers
Features many articles on various aspects of creationism and Biblical archaeology

Answers in Creation website by Greg Neyman, an evangelical Christian whose site debunks young earthism.

Biologos Forum - Science and Faith in Dialogue.

"Evolution for Christians" by Robert J. Schneider

"Morton's Demon" by Glenn Morton.
Glenn relates an affliction he once shared with many young-earth creationists

Paul Pavao's "Proof of Evolution" site
Compelling evidence for evolution presented by a Christian author

Donald Wise's Creation/evolution page. Wise argues that "creation science" undermines Christian credibility and creates unnecessary division among Christians. Includes many links to similar websites.

Neglect of Geologic Data, by the late Dan Wonderly
Wonderly's book presents many lines of robust evidence demonstrating that the earth has had a long and complex history. A must-read for anyone with a serious interest in the Creation-evolution controversy.

God's Time Records in Ancient Sediments, by Dan Wonderly
Another excellent book demonstrating many strong lines of geologic evidence for and old earth.

Two interesting articles by Dick Fischer:

Days of Creation: Hours or Eons?
Young-earth Creationism: a Literal Mistake

Young-Earth Creationism: A Literal Enigma addresses fundamental problems in the approach of young-earth advocates

Essays by former young-earth creationists:

Other resources on the C/E issue

Talk.Origins archive. The largest collection of origins-related articles on the web. Includes secular and theistic authors, mostly from mainstream scientific perspectives.

EvoWiki A large compilation of articles on origins

RationalWiki site refuting YEC claims about fossil fossil sorting

"Flood Geology" Vs. Common Sense by Ed Babinski

A Challenge to Young Earth Creationists by Jack DeBaun
Outlines numerous lines of robust empirical evidence which refute a young earth

"The GISP2 Ice Core: Ultimate Proof that Noah's Flood was Not Global" by Paul H. Seely

Updates: 6 Feb 2019, Added Tree-rings article