Compelling Evidence for an Old Earth

Compiled by Glen Kuban
Updated May 2022

Radiometric dating links compiled by Glen Kuban
Includes links to websites on other dating methods.

Age of the Earth and Universe (part of ASA website)

The Age of the Earth by Chris Stassen

How Old is the Earth by Merle Hertzler

"How Old is the Earth?" by G. Brent Dalrymple

Is There Really Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth? by Matthew S. Tiscareno

Light-Travel Time: Evidence for an Old Universe by Robert C. Newman CLAIM CH210 (refutes young earth arguments) by Mark Isaac

Fossil Sorting- Evidence for Mainstream Geology

Selected Books:

Dalrymple, G. Brent, 1991. The Age of the Earth, California, Stanford University Press. 474 pp. ISBN 0-8047-1569-6

Stoner, Don, 1992. A New Look at an Old Earth: What the Creation Institutes Are Not Telling You about Genesis, California, Schroeder Publishing. 192 pp. ISBN 1-881446-00-X.

Strahler, Arthur N., 1987. Science and Earth History: The Creation/Evolution Controversy , New York, Prometheus. 552 pp. ISBN 0-87975-414-1