Strict Creationism and Anti-Evolutionism Links

Compiled by Glen Kuban

Part of Kuban's Paleo Place

Note: Most of these sites support strict, "young earth" creationism (often abbreviaed YEC), which generally holds that the earth and all basic life forms were created by devine fiat only 5 to 15 thousand years ago. Although I believe in the Creator, I do not support this view, and believe it is Biblically and scientifically unsound. However, I am providing these links for the convenience of those seeking information about strict creationism. Because URL's at many YEC sites have changed frequently, I will no longer attempt to maintain a comprehensive list of YEC links. Instead I will provide links to several major creationist sites, most of which include their own menu of additional links. For even more YEC links, see the TalkOrigins menu of creationist links. Thank you.

Answers in Genesis at
AIG, led by Ken Ham, is one of the largest YEC organizations. It is affiliated with the Australian-based Creation Science Foundation. Although it promotes a young earth, to its credit the AIG site includes articles acknowledging some invalid arguments promoted by other YEC groups and websites.

Institute for Creation Research
at Based in California and led by John D. Morris (son of the former director and veteran creationist leader Henry M. Morris), ICR is one of the most influential strict creationist groups. ICR actively spreads its anti-evolutionary message through seminars, literature, radio programs, and debates. The web site describes ICR's programs, positions, and publications.

The Creation Research Society
CRS is a prominent creationist organization, formed in the 1960's to conduct and report original creationist research. The latter it largely does through its own journal, the CRS Quarterly. CRS members must be degreed scientists and sign a statement of faith which includes strict creationist tenets.

The Geoscience Research Institute at
Based at Loma Linda University in California, GRI is associated with the Seventh Day Adventist church. GRI publishes a biannual j journal called Origins and a newsletter called GeoScience Reports. Although young-earth in its orientation, GRI has a reputation for being more scientific and scholarly than most strict creationist groups.

The Access Research Network at
ARN is a Colorado based organization which grew out of the now defunct Students for Origins Research. ARN publishes the journal Origins & Design dealing with a variety of social, scientific, and religious issues, but especially the C/E controversy and the "intelligent design" argument.

Christian Answers Net at
This site appears to be a joint project of several YEC groups, including Eden Communications and AIG, both of whom have their own web sites.

Creation Resource Foundation at
This site by CRF president Dennis Petersen presents typical young earth arguments and promotes the author's book Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation.

Walter Brown's Center for Scientific Creation
One of the least credible YEC proponents, Brown promotes many claims long ago abandoned even by most strict creationists, such as unsubstantiated claims of human tracks in Mesozoic rocks, and a dubious Japanese "plesiosaur" carcass, refuted at Kuban's Paluxy web site

The Handy Dandy Evolution Refuter at
This site by Robert Kofahl and Kelly Segraves, presents most of the text from their book with the same title. Both the book and web site feature many outdated arguments that are questioned or rejected even by most other creationists. Updates since its original publication have done little to improve its scientific credibility.

The Creation Concept"
Douglas Cox promotes Flood Geology and strict creationism.

The Creation Science Home Page
This site, developed by six engineers from AT&T, provides a series of articles promting typical strict creationist arguments. Unfortunately, the authors are not well versed in areas outside their engineering expertise, and present many invalid, outdated, or oversimplified arguments.

Forerunner Magazine Creation articles
This site features a collection of articles (many anonymous) from the Forerunner, a conservative Chrisitian campus magazine. Many of the articles are ill informed and/or outdated. For example, an article on dinosaurs rehashes the refuted claim that human and dinosaur tracks occur together in the Paluxy River in Texas , and that ICR endorses the "man tracks" and a film about them. In fact, since the mid 1980's ICR has recommened that the Paluxy evidence not be used by creationists, and the film in questioned was withdrawn from circulation by FFC after its claims were shown to be invalid.

Creation Evidences Museum at
This site features the claims of Carl Baugh regarding Paluxy "man tracks" and other supposed geologic anamolies. For critiques of Baugh's claims, including his alleged credentials, see the Paluxy web site at