I would like to first thank my cyberfriend Ben Roesch, who provided much helpful information on the Zuiyo-maru carcass, including copies of the original 1978 Japanese reports, and led me to many other good sources of information. I would also like to extend special thanks to Leonard J. V. Compagno, head of the Shark Research Center at the South African Museum, who Ben calls (and I believe him) "probably the most knowledgeable shark biologist in the world." Dr. Compagno went above and beyond the call of duty to provide many details of basking shark anatomy, and even dissected and sketched for me parts of a basking shark to confirm certain points. I would also like to thank Tood Wood and Paul Humber, who generously shared their knowledge of the case and provided copies of Zuiyo-maru photos. My sincere gratitude is also extended to Ken Watterson, Darren Naish, Henry Mollet, Richard Ellis, Leslie King, Sara Fowler, Christine Janis, Alexa Tulis, Malcolm Francis, Adam Summers, Edwin van Spronsen, Dan Phelps, Chris Paulin, Daniel Bennet, Steve Branstetter, Paul Farrar, Michelle Wait, Bob Heuter, Ryosuke Motani, David W. Sims, Buck Snelson, and John Martin, all of whom provided valuable comments and/or technical information on sharks or plesiosaurs. I also thank Michel and Ava Farivar, and Jim Foley for proofreading the manuscript and making helpful suggestions and corrections. If I left anyone out, my apologies.

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