Dinosaur Tracksites of the Western U.S.

Compiled by Glen Kuban


Glen Canyon Recreation Area - Lake Powell (tracks displayed at Carl Hayden Visitor Center):
Dinosaur Tracks near Tuba City, AZ
Dinosaur Tracks at Pipe Spring Monument, Arizona


GGES People, Denver (Regarding Dino track collection at Colorado University
Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado
Directions to Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado
Good map and diagram of Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado tracksite
Nice little article on Dinosaur Ridge tracksite, Colorado
Directions to Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado
Road map, Dinosaur Ridge, Colorado
Mines Magazine article on Dinosaur Ridge, CO. tracksite
Grand Junction, Colorado (Geology, fossils, tracks)
Picketwire Canyonlands tracksite, Colorado
Picketwire Canyonlands tracksite, Colorado (by Comanche Grasslands)
Photos from the Picketwire tracksite
Article and cool overhead photo of picketwire site


LASR - Boise City, OK - Dinosaur Tracks

New Mexico

Clayton Lake State Park, NM tracksite
Overland Trails website on Clayton Lake State Park, NM
Dinosaur tracks of New Mexico, NM Museum
Articles on Permian Tracks of Las Cruces, NM
Cretaceous Dinosaur tracks, Dona Anna Co, NM


Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas (TX Parks & Wildlife)
Dinosaur Valley State Park, Texas (Glen Kuban)


Mill Canyon-Copper Ridge, UTah Dinosaur Tracks
Copper Ridge Sauropod Trackway, Moab, Utah
Potash Rpad Dinosaur Tracks near Moab, Utah
Moab Trackers - Describes several tracksites in Utah, with literature references
Moab, Utah Ancient History
Dinosaur Tracksites in Utah - Utah Geological Survey
St. George, UT Dinosaur Tracks
National News article on St. George, UT tracksite
Utah Travel Tips - Utah Travel Council
Utah Travel Destinations - Utah, Utah Travel
Prehistoric Adventures Utah.com
Dinosaur Tracks in Cayonlands Nat. Park, Utah
Dinosaur prints keep exhibit plans on track-Dateline UC Davis-11-30-01


Red Gulch, WY Dinosaur Tracksite Dedication
Red Gulch, WY Dinosaur Tracksite Maps
Red Gulch, WY Dinosaur Tracksite
New rare dinosaur tracksite in N. Wyoming
Wyoming 2001 Field Trip
Yellow Brick Road tracksites, WY

Misc. Western Track Info

Dinosaur Tracks and Trackways
Dinosaur Tracksite Photographs
Amazon.com Dinosaur Tracks of Western North America (book ad)
Dinosaur Trackers Research Group, Martin Lockley's track group, Colorado
Dinosaur Footprints Trek Across The Southwest
Dinosaur Footprints Tracks Tell Prehistoric Secrets
DINO RUSS's LAIR - Dinosaur Tracks and Traces
Dessert Dinosaur Hunting Sites (with tracksites)

Misc Track Site Info

Paul Olsen's Triassic-Jurassic Tracks Project
Hitchcock Collection, Amherst, MA, "Virtual Collection"