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Nov. 28, 2010, Added article on Cambodian stegosaur claims
Sept. 24, 2010, Added arrticle: "Fossil Tracks and Other Trace Fossils Refute Flood Geology"
Sept. 2010, Reduced Talk Origins Paluxy page to several articles, with link to main Paluxy page at; deleted outdated files at T.O.
Fall 2009, Added Ballroom site photos; various revisions to articles
July-Aug. 2008, Added and updated article on the "Delk Track"
June 6, 2007, Added thumbnail images in front of article links
May 11, 2007, Added drafts o: Disease and Flood geology and Genetic Diversity and Flood geology
May 2, 2007, Added draft of article: "Genetics Refutes Recent Global Flood."
Dec. 29, 2006, Added draft of artilce on Meteorite impacts
Nov. 23, 2006, Added essay on alleged Cretaceous "human hands" and reordered menu items
Sept. 4 & 5, 2006. Added commentary on ICR's continued sales of books that promote the Paluxy "man track" claims. Added link to Babibski's article claims by Baugh and Hovind on giant skeletons.
Aug. 1, 2006, GJK, Added essay draft on alleged hand print.
July 22, 2006, GJK, Added link to Ron Hastings' 1988 ASA article "Rise and Fall..."
July 16-21, 2006, GJK, Added links to young earth refutations and old earth evidenece. Reorganized some links.
July 11, 2006, GJK, Added draft article "Iron Pot in Coal."
July 8, 2006, GJK, Added Langebaan Lagoon (South Africa) footprints article draft.
July 6, 2004, GJK, Added links to websites of ASA, Glenn Morton, and Talk.Origins archives.
July 4, 2006, GJK, Added links to Josh Zorn essay and other articles at end of main page
April 28, 2006, GJK, Added links to K-Paleo and PaleoScene sites
Feb. 17, 2006, GJK, Added essay on "Russian Paluxy" (draft).
Feb. 11, 2006, GJK, Added Zapata track article (draft).
Feb. 3, 2006, GJK, Added links to 1981, 1985 and 1986 Creation/Evolution articles
Jan. 28, 2006, GJK, Added "Erie Lake Monster" article
Jan. 27, 2006, GJK, Added "Limestone Cowboy" draft
Jan. 15, 2006, GJK, Added more links to Texas paleontology.
Jan. 7, 2006, GJK, Added link to "No death before the Fall?" article
Dec. 31, 2005, GJK, Added Untraguest guestbook
DEc. 29, 2005, GJK, Added Google Site Search facility
Dec. 10, 2005, GJK, Added Cretaceous "finger" article.
Dec. 10, 2005, GJK, Added link to Chadwick article
Nov 23, 2005, GJK, Added John Armstrong's 1989 ASA/PSCF article
Sept 24, 2005, GJK, Added "On the Right Track" article from 1997 MAPS Expo
June 21, 2005, GJK, Added link to David Tyler's BCS commentary.
June 17, 2005, GJK, Added article on alleged human prints in KY.
June 8-15 2005, GJK, Added more illustrations; added Moab-man article; moved Overview article to top
March 2005, GJK, Revised link to Heinrich reference list after the list changed URLs.

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12-29-04, GJK, Added "Living Pterosaurs?" draft
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10-13-99, GJK, Added Hammer article
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06-20-96, GJK, Added More ichnology links (in separate file
06-11-96, GJK, Added Reference list compiled by Paul Henirich
05-16-96, GJK, Added AIG "What About Baugh?" page
03-28-96, GJK, Added Dinosaur Valley State Park article
03-25-96, GJK, Added Burdick track photo & other illustrations
03-21-96, GJK, Added Overview of Dinosaur Tracking article
03-13-96, GJK, Added Acknowledgements link & link
03-06-96, GJK, Added Counter and Taylor Site article
03-01-96, GJK, Added Burdick Print article; corrected typos
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