Glen Kuban with theropod (Acrocanthosaurus) and sauropod (Sauroposeidon) trackway
Osark Site, Dinosaur Valley State Park, 2002

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The following Link illustrates the major types of dinosaur tracks in Texas, and the location of several tracksites near Glen Rose, which should help the viewer understand the photos that follow.

Basic Types of Dinosaur Tracks and Trackmakers in Texas
Major Types of Dinosaur Tracks in Texas

Overview map of Glen Rose Tracksites

Main Site

Main Site, Area 2 (moist), Aug. 2, 2017
Main Site, Area 2 (dry), Aug. 1, 2017
Main Site, Area 2 (dry, Set b, Aug. 1, 2017
Main Site, Area 2 (dry, Set c, Aug. 1, 2017

Main Site, Area 1, 2006-2007
Main Site, Area 1, 2005
Main Site, Area 1, 2004
Main Site, Area 1, 1980s

Denio Site

Denio Site and nearby bank, 2017
Denio Site, 2011 and before

Taylor Site

Ozark Site

Ozark Site (Sauropod and Theropod tracks)
Ozark Site, Set 2

Crossing Site

Blue Hole Site

Opossum Site

Ballroom Site

Dinosaur Valley State Park Statues

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