Geologic Time

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Glen J. Kuban

This site provides links to web sites with geologic time tables, and sites discussing dating methods, extinctions, and other subject related to geologic time.

How Fossils Are Dated - A summary by Glen Kuban

The Geologic Time Table - By Andrew MacRae. Includes an essay on dating methods and a geologic time table.

Geologic Time Scale by GSA - Detailed Geologic Time Scale by the Geologic Society of America.

On the Right Track - By Glen Kuban. An article on the relevance of Trace Fossils to Extinctions, published in the April 1997 MAPS Expo Digest.

Ice Age Paleoecology - By Scot Elias. Discusses Quaternary plants and animals and their environment.

Making The Geologic Time Scale Real - Making The Geologic Time Scale Real. An excercise to help teachers convey the geologic time scale to students.

Geologic Time Scale, Miami University, Ohio - A small chart accompanied by good essay on geologic time.

National Physical Lab Timescale

IAMG Geologic Time Chart Detailed Chart, in Color

Geologic Time Machine, Univ. Ca. at Berkley