Fossil Related Dealers and Suppliers

Part of Kuban's Paleo Place

This site provides links to select suppliers and dealers in fossils, casts, preparation and display items. These are companies with whom I am familiar and have had good experiences, but I make no guarantees concerning their products or services. Companies are listed in alphabetical order (ignoring any "The" in the name).
Glen J. Kuban

PaleoScene - Museum Quality Fossil Castings and other Paleo Products

Fossilicious - Fossils and Educational Materials

Bob's Rock Shop Lots of paleo related products and services.

Skullduggery - Fossil cast replicas for sale. A little pricey, but some nice things For less expensive high quality castings, see PaleoScene

(The) Stone Company - Fossils for sale, ranging from common to museum quality specimens. Includes an informative page on fake Moroccan trilobites

Stones & Bones - Fossils and minerals for sale.

Taylor Studios Inc., Museum Exhibit Fabricators - Custom museum displays, models, and reproductions by Joe and Betty Taylor.

Treasures of the Earth, Ltd. - Minerals, fossils, and other natural items for sale.

Two Guys Fossils - Dealer who will do searches for any requested material not in stock.