Refuted Young-Earth Claims

© 2006-2009, Glen J. Kuban

Below are links to refutations of arguments often cited by strict creationists as evidence for a young earth. Note that not all of these claims are still being made by major creationist groups. In fact, several of these arguments have been refuted by strict creationists themselves and/or largely abandoned by the leaders of the movement. However, dozens of web sites and a number of YEC (young earth creationist) books still encourage or promote them, to the detriment of their own credibility. Not only have these arguments not withstood close scrutiny, but the evidence relating to some of them actually provide strong support for an old earth (billions, not thousands, of years old). For additional articles on this topic from (most of these are from Christian perspectives, undermining suggestions by strict creationists that their critics have atheistic biases), see Is There Really Scientific Evidence for a Young Earth? by Matthew S. Tiscareno; Young Earth Arguments: A second Look, by Glenn Morton; Answers in Creation by Greg Neyman; Ineffective Arguments, by David Mathews; and YE Claims vs Evidence by Tim Thompson.

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