Creation/evolution Links

Part of Kuban's Paleo Place

This site provides links to web sites on the Creation/evolution controversy and related topics. A wide spectrum of positions on origins are represented among these sites, some of which are hard to categorize. However, for convenience I have divided the sites into the following categories, with some listed in more than one category (due to overlap in content or viewpoints presented).

Strict Creationism
- These sites generally advocate young-earthism and a literal interpretation of Genesis. Most authors of these sites believe the universe and all life was directly created only about 5 to 15 thousand of years ago (rather than having evolved over millions of years), and that most or all of the geologic record was produced by a single worldwide flood.

Theistic evolution and broader forms of creationism
- These sites include proponents of old-earth creationism, Gap and Day-Age theories, progressive creationism, and theistic evolution. Inclusion here means that the sites endorse or support a theistic viewpoint on origins but are not strict creationists.

Evolution supporters and strict creationism refutations
- Included are sites that explain mainstream concepts of of evolution, paleontology, and evolutoon, as well as those that specifically address or refute one or more strict creationist claims. Inclusion here does necessarily not mean the author is hostile to theism or religion (some are theists themselves, or even creationists addressing unfounded claims withing their ranks).

I have briefly annotated each link; however, readers are urged to visit each site before drawing conclusions about its quality or content. If you are new to the origins controversy, a site that will get you up to speed on the basic issues and terminology without promoting a particular dogma is the Science and Religion page, developed by the Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance, at