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Testimonials from PaleoScene Customers

"The casts are outstanding. The Archaeopteryx is a killer. I have it hanging on my living roon wall with track lights facing straight down... this type of lighting causes gentle shadows and thus brings out all of the incredible detail." - Barry Sutton, St. Louis, MO

"I just received the package... the crinoid turned out even better than I expected... I cannot believe the amount of detail! I will be recommending you to several of my friends who may be interested." C. Sanders, Lusby, MD

"Just got the Campylognathoides. What a beautiful cast. You do exceptional work." - Dan Chure, paleontologist, Dinosaur National Monument.

The resin ARCH-B cast arrived safe and well... I have to say I'm absolutely delighted with it; the quality is excellent. As a geologist by profession of 35 years an Archaeopteryx specimen is one thing I've always wanted to own. The originals are super-rare and your casts are as close in detail as could possibly be to the genuine specimens. - John W., Sydney, Australia

"I've purchased four casts from Paleoscene: two Pterodactyls (kochi and antiguus species), the Rampnorhynchus and the Berlin Archaeopteryx... all arriving undamaged and I couldn't be more pleased! Other online "cast" dealers offer the same specimens as Paleoscene and I've regrettably dealt with those before finding Paleoscene's examples. Not all casts are created equal. Mr. Kuban obviously loves what he's doing...his casts are the very best, in my opinion. Most of the others are only out to make a buck with no concern for quality and you'd feel cheated with them, as I have! Save your money for the good stuff at Paleoscene! " - Danny De Serre, Manitoba, Canada.

"Thank you for your wonderful service and products! Got the claw yesterday. It's really cool! I'll certainly recommend your website to anyone looking for replicas." - Lauren H., Fabricator, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios

"Very detailed cast. Am using them in geology class today. THANKS AGAIN!!" D. Allen, King Geroge High School, Virginia.

"The Mesosaur cast was a present for my 15 year old son, who loves it!" E. Bolin, Mendota Hts., MN

"I have casts from a number of suppliers in USA and Canada and yours are in a league of their own. There is no comparison! You obviously take extraordinary care, displaying great patience and precision with your replicas. The Keuichousaur especially, is breathtaking in detail and the hand finish is superb! With this particular cast you get a real sense of association with the creature..." - Linda Holmes, Leicestershire, England

"Recieved the pterodactyl cast today - that was fast! - and it's superb! Great product, great service, and great price! I will definitely check out your website for items more often." - Steve Kieffer, Kansas City, MO.

Thanks for shipping so promptly. You did a great job with this cast. A scientific work of art! - Bob S., Baton Rouge, LA.

I really have nothing but great things to say. First; this is high quality casting. I had high expectations when I ordered based on the photos Glen has posted on his website but being able to enjoy it first hand is where it exceeded all of my expectations. It even came with a tip sheet for presentation as well as a nice summary sheet of the specimen ready to be used for a placard. From the time I was invoiced to the time of delivery was a mere 6 days crossing international borders. Great care was taken with packing and the item arrived as great as the day it was made - due to one of the best packing jobs Iíve seen buying items over the internet for over 10 years. As for the price to quality ratio, I doubt you will find better anywhere. Iím certain to be a repeat customer; as will you if you buy from PaleoScene. -Manny Melo, Ottawa Ontario, Canada.

"There is no comparison to the other replicas that I have bought. Yours are the best!" - Glenn Lee, Ontario, Canada

"I received the Pterodactylus kochi cast today and it is absolutely spectacular... I couldn't be more pleased. The information on the flip side and the included informational card are really nice touches too. The more I look at the cast the more I appreciate it. The workmanship is such that, to the uninitiated or the casual observer, the Pterodactyl cast could easily be mistaken for an authentic fossil. My wife even asked if it was real." - Jim McNamarra, IL.

I bought the cast of the Archaeopteryx Berlin Specimen, and it is wonderful. A truly beautiful piece that looks almost as if I've just pulled of a museum heist in Berlin ;-) This is truly a great site and has excellent customer service. I highly recommend it to any who want interesting pieces that function as art, education, and conversation. - Walter A., Morristown, AZ

"I just wanted you to know that I got the fossil casts yesterday-- they are so awesome! The two people that I bought them for will love them. The bat is especially cool!" - Catherine R, Sheffield Lake, OH.

"Cast arrived safely yesterday. Very nice work. It looks great. Great packaging job too. - Glenn M., San Francisco, CA

"The casts arrived on Tuesday and they are beautiful - they will really improve my dinosaur course here." Christopher B., Paleontologist at University of Iowa.

"Just wanted to tell you thanks. My nephew loved his [track cast[ Christmas present. I didnít see it until he opened it and it was excellent." Paula W., Atlantic Beach, NC "I just received the casts and am extremely pleased with the quality. Your artistic abilities more than exceeded my expectations. Great products!" - Darrly V., Winfield, MO

"... I opened it up and was amazed at the wonderful piece that it is. You have a remarkably keen sense of detail in making these!" - Charles F., Ellicott City, MO

"The bird cast arrived... and it is outstanding. Today I received the other casts, and as with the bird, the detail and finish are even better than I hoped for. " - Steve W., Castle Hill, Australia.

"The items arrived today in perfect condition. They are both spectacular." - P. Ramsey, Provo, UT

"The theropod footprint cast arrived in terrific shape. My husband is a geologist and I am a science teacher with a biology background. We're so happy to have such an excellent cast." - Michele D., Houston, TX

"Got the prints today... they look awesome!" - Paul S., Missouri

"I was not prepared for the Seymouria. It is fossil music to my ears. I owe you one for letting me know about this gem. Appreciatively yours, Fran C." - Hendersonville, KY

"...the casts arrived and are in great shape. The detailing on them is really impressive (better than the display casts at the Field Museum and the study casts at the University of Wyoming). I'll be ordering a couple more from you shortly. Thanks again for all your help!" - Dr. Anton W., Chicago, IL.

"I received the casts today and they look great." Jim D., Elgin, Ontario