Evidence of FOUR basic types of tracks (and four trackmakers) in DVSP

Glen Kuban, 2014

- THEROPOD (Acrocanthosaurus) widely accepted

- SAUROPOD (Sauroposeidon? Paluxysaurus? Pleosocoelus?) widely accepted

- ORNITHOPOD (unidentified species)

- Possible but indistinct examples at several sites (suggested by many sources)
- Clear examples in multiple trails on and near Taylor Site:
- Taylor Site (20+ steps in stride, consistent shapes + small tracks near it)
- Taylor SE (E end, several steps, consistent shapes )
- Moni site (several tracks, consistent shapes)
- All above tracks have CONSISTENT, CLASSIC ornithopod shapes
(well rounded, sometimes notched posteriors, short, relatively bunt digits, wide at base)

- METATARSAL TRACKS (possibly ornithomimid, strong evidence most NOT Acrocanthosaurus)

- Proportions and digit features of many do not fit Acro
- Proportions do fit into range of ornithomimids and possibly other dinos
- Proportions match non-Acro foot skeleton of same age from Oklahoma (Hunt, 2003)
- Above supported with 2013 SVP conference presentation (Farlow, Currie, Kuban), well received and being published
- 2 papers presented by Kuban at 1986 NM conference (well received, no objections)
- Published in two papers in book Dinosaur Tracks and Traces edited by M. Lockley (leading dinosaur track expert)
- Several published papers by R. Hastings (relating to "man track" conference)
- Evidence of soft tissue flap or webbing at base of middle toe (never on Acro tracks)
Occur on SEVERAL sites in and around DVSP:
- Denio site (long trail of mud-collapsed "Moccasin Prints", and others)
- Ballroom and "Parlor" (several trails, many mud collapsed)
- Taylor Site (several trails in main area, well infilled but distinct when clean and moist)
- Taylor SE (several trails, some with clear hallux marks)
- Several trails west of Taylor Site proper
- Bend area (several examples)
- North of Bend area
- Al West Site (outside DVSP, several long trails, some once very distinct)
- Several trails along McFall ledge (many promoted as human tracks)