Leaverite - What to Do with It

Part of Kuban's K-Paleo Place

New rockhounds soon learn with Leaverite is. It's any unidentified mineral which, when you pick it up and ask a veteran collector whether you should keep it, the reply is, "No, leaverite there."

Of course some mysterious force often prompts collectors to take leaverite home anyway, and the question then becomes what to do with it. Below are a number of suggestions attributed to "Chip & Lick", the Roadrunner (who or whatever that is), via RRC Newsletter, 9/98, reprinted in the December 1989 Paleo Newsletter, Austin Paleontology Society

Ten Ways to Get Rid of Leaverites

1. Fix the chuck holes in your driveway
2. Throw them at bill collectors or door-to-door salesmen.
3. Take them to club displays and leave them.
4. Donate them to grab bags.
5. Slip them into your competitor's case when nobody is looking.
6. Throw them over the fence into your neighbor's garden.
7. Fix a large label..."This material insured by Pinkerton's" and leave them unwatched at the shopping mall.
8. Fill up your car trunk to get you through the winter ice.
9. Best of all, don't take them home in the first place!