Prices include packaging each fossil in
individual zip bags with identification
labels. Example shown at right.

Bulk Fossils
By PaleoScene

Glen J. Kuban
4726 Grayton Rd
Cleveland, OH 44135
Phone 440-241-2509

Discounts available for quantities over 30, and for educators or educational institutions

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Fossil Seed Ferns
Pennsylvanian, Central Penn.

Small 1.50 each
Larger 2.50 each
Also available: hand sized and larger pieces for $8 and up (not shown)

Mucrospirifer sp., Northeastern Ohio
Devonian period, Approx. 380 million years old

1.75 ea. Grade A+, Extra large (over 1.25" and well formed)
1.25 ea Grade A, (over 1" and well formed)
1.00 ea. Grade B (approx. 3/4 to 1 inch, at least one good wing)
  .50 ea. Grade C (smaller or significant wing breakage)

Platystrophia sp., Northern Kentucky
Ordovician, Approx. 470 million years old

2.00 each, Grade A (over 1.25 inch, largely whole and well formed)
1.25 each, Grade B (smaller or moderate defects)
  .50 each, Grade C (small or significant defects)

Horn corals Caninia sp., Northern Texas
Pennsylvanian period, Approx. 305 million years old

2.00 ea. Display grade, Large (over 3") Good taper or tip
1.50 ea. Student grade, Large (over 3") Lacking good tip
1.50 ea. Display Grade, Small (under 3") Good taper or tip
1.00 ea. Student Grade, Small (under 3") Lacking good tip

Crinoid stems sp., Indiana and Northern Texas
Carboniferous (Penn. & Miss.), 310-355 million years old

1.00 /bag (2 or more specimens per bag, some on matrix)

Shark teeth, Morrocco
Cretaceous, Approx. 105 million years old
Most are sand shark teeth

1.00 Large,   Grade A (over 1 inch, well formed, good tip)
  .75 ea. Large,   Grade B (over 1 inch, some imperfections)
  .75 ea. Medium, Grade A (.75 - 1 inch, well formed)
  .30 ea. Small,   Grade A (under .75 inch, well formed)
  .15 ea. Grade C, Mixed sizes, (singificant defects)

Belemnites (internal skeleton of squid-like animal)
Deleaware, Cretaceous

1.00 each, Grade A & B (most 1.5" or larger with point or good taper)
.75 each, Study grade (smaller or lacking point)

Petrified wood, Southern Texas
Eocene, Approx. 45 million years old

.70 each (most 1 - 3 inches)

Ram's horn oysters Ilymatogyra sp., Northern Texas
Lower Cretaceous, Approx. 105 million years old

1.25 each, A - Extra large, or with both valves
0.75 each, B - Large & well formed
0.50 each, C - Smaller or with lower spiral

Ceratostreon sp., Northern Texas
Lower Cretaceous, Approx. 105 million years old

.50 each, study grade (mixture of large & small specimens)

Texigraphea oysters sp., Northern Texas
Lower Cretaceous, Approx. 105 million years old

1.00, Large & well formed, or both valves present
.50 each, study grade (mixture of small medium specimens)