Alleged Out of Place Fossils and Artifacts

(C) 2006, Glen J. Kuban

Strict creationists have often cited supposed "out of place" artifacts or fossils (sometimes referred to as "oopa"s or "oopart"s) as evidence against the standard geologic timetable. The objects in question have including alleged human footprints in Mesozoic and Paleozoic rocks, human bones and man-made objects in coal, and even a supposed human sandal print in Cambrian rock. However, none of these have proven reliable upon careful study, and as far as I know, no major creationist groups currently endorse such claims. One of the largest creationist groups, AIG (Answers in Genesis), has been candid enough to acknowledge that past claims of this nature have not been well supported. An article on AIG's website states: "We can only concur that there is no definite unequivocal evidence of human remains in those rock strata that can definitely be identified as Flood sediments." (Batten et al, 2005). In a similar article strict creationist Andrew Snelling writes in Creation magazine: "As far as we are aware at the present time, there are no indisputable human fossils in the fossil record that we could say belong to the pre-Flood human culture(s)." (Snelling, 1991).


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