Missing Neutrinos?

Compiled by Glen Kuban

At one time physicists expected the sun to emit more neutrinos than was experimentally measured. Some creationists used this discrepancy as evidence that the universe was much younger than conventional scientists indicate. However, by 2003 the "missing neutrinos" mystery had been largely resolved. Nevertheless, as recently as June 30, 2006 an email service called "Creation Moments" produced by an arm of AIG, one of the largest creationist groups, repeated the claim that "missing neutrinos" is still an unresolved mystery.[1] Since there is no longer any basis for this claim, the argument should be abandoned by young earth creationists.

Solving the Mystery of the Missing Neutrinos by John A. Bahcall.


[1] (Anonymous), Creation Moments, June 30, 2006 - An email service of Creation Magazine.