Broadly Creationist Links

Compiled by Glen Kuban

These sites feature material on origins and the "creation/evolution" debate that are Christian or theistic based, but reject strict creationism. In other words, most accept an old earth and recommend some form of "theistic evolution" or "progressive creation." The inclusion of links here does not mean that I necessarily support all the material or links on these sites.

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American Scientific Affiliation at:
ASA is an organization of scientists who are Christians with an interest in exploring the interrelationships of science and faith. Includes links to ASA sub-groups and Canadian arm of the ASA

Christians in Science at
Supports a Chrsitian based, theistic evolution position on origins.

Institute for Neo-Creationism at
William E. McGinnis's site with a theistic evolution position.

Reasons to Believe at
RTB is led by astrophysicist Hugh Ross, a well known "old-earth," progressive creationist.

Science and Creation at
This site by Arnold Neumaier

An Answer in the Creation-Evolution Debate at
By ASA member Dick Fischer. This site contains excerpts from of Fischer's book with the same title, exploring an alternative to young earth creationism which respects both the Bible and modern science. Includes a chapter (based on a paper in the ASA journal) entitled Days of Creation, Hours or Eons?

Glenn Morton's Foundation, Fall, and Flood at
Christian geologist and former young earth advocate Glenn Morton argues an interpretation of Genesis that reconciles modern the Bible with modern geological data and evolution.
He provides powerful several geologic arguments against strict creationism.