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KUE-1 Kueichousaurus Cast

(Aquatic Reptile)

Species: Kueichousaurus hui (Young)
Middle Triassic
Approx. 220 million years old
Guanglin Formation
Guizhou Province, China

This unusual cast was carefully produced from an exceptionally complete and well-preserved fossil Kueichousaur. Although superficially resembling small plesiosaurs, Kueichousaurs were a separate group of ancient aquatic reptiles that lived during the Triassic period--the first of three periods in the Mesozoic Era or "Age of Dinosaurs."

This cast is composed of high-strength gypsum cement and was meticulously hand-painted to faithfully reproduce the finest details of the original specimen, including the tiny teeth and delicate finger bones. It would be a great addition to any fossil collection, and a wonderful conversation piece and educational tool. It includes wires on the back for hanging and a full identification label.

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