Chirostenotes foot cast

Museum Quality Cast of
Dinosaur Foot Cast

Species: Chirostenotes pergraclis
Alberta, Canada
Judith River Formation
Upper Cretaceous
Approx. 75-80 million years


Chirostenotes (pronounced Ky-row-Sten-o-tees, meaning 'narrow-handed') was an oviraptor that lived during the the late Cretaceous (approx. 75 million years ago) of Alberta, Canada. It was a relatively small, slender dinosaur (approx. 7 ft long and 4 ft in height) with a toothless beak, long arms with powerful claws, and a long legs. It was birdlike in overall appearance, and is speculated by some to have sported feathers. Chirostenotes is thought to have been an an omnivore (eating fish and perhaps a variety of other small animals and plants). This replica was cast from a mold of the original fossil, and was carefully hand painted to produce a natural and realistic appearance.

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